Welcome to I put this site together to help people break make the transition from recreational gambling to professional gambling. I studied applied mathematics for casino systems at the University of Nevada so I know a thing or two about the games. Take the information on this website as a starting off point in your research. You will need to educate yourself in all the techniques used by pro gamblers before you even set foot in a casino or insert your first credit online. Information is power and in a world where the odds are stacked against you, it is best to make sure you are as well informed as possible.

My personal recommendation to anyone thinking of going pro is to forget the traditional casinos and stick to online casinos instead. The returns are much higher and there is no pressure from other players to make a move, which means you can take your time and study your situation. It is real money on the line so removing the stress from the process of making decisions is extremely important. Playing online will also allow you to analyze the game as you’re playing it and to make use of strategy tables without looking conspicuous or annoying other players.

The following online casinos represent, in no particular order, the best places to gamble online and go pro.

Golden Riviera Casino

Like Royal Vegas, one of the best game selections of any online casino. With over 600 games, the Golden Riviera is one of the most comprehensive online casinos in the world. The graphics are modeled after classic European style casinos, which means they forgo chintzy glitz and offer understated elegance instead. It might be a cosmetic difference, but when you play for long stretches, it helps to play at an online casino that doesn’t look and sound annoying after a while. Licensing is from Malta and the bonus is among the highest in the industry at $2,500.

Mr. Green Casino

Mr Green does things differently from most of the other casinos on this list. Instead of bigger and flashier they opt instead to be compact, efficient, fair, and accessible. They offer budgeting tools to help people work out how much they can spend and set daily limits accordingly. Because the software is online only, no download is ever required for the full experience. The interface at Mr. Green Casino is the most polished of all the no download casinos out there. The games list is small by modern online casino standards, but at 200 games, leaves nothing to be desired. Licensing is in Malta and the bonus is an acceptable $250.

Club World Casino

One of the biggest online casinos in the world. They offset their small casino games list, which numbers 200, with the availability of Poker rooms, sports betting, and other exotic play options. They also set themselves apart from the pack by not turning US players away in an online environment that has become mostly hostile to Americans. Another appealing facet of the Club World Casino is the 98.57% payback percentage. Even among online casinos this is extremely high, and makes this casino one of the more profitable destinations for pro gamblers. Licensing is in the Netherlands Antilles and their security software is up to date. The bonus offered is an excellent $777.

888 Casino

888 Casino is another long standing name in the industry. They have been operational since the 1990s and have developed one of the largest and most well respected names in the world of online casinos. The company is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and is so big as to employ over 1000 full time employees. They utilize an in-house software package, considered the gold standard in the industry and copied by the other software providers. They have a mere 100 or so games on their list, but the good thing is that the focus is not on slots, but on table games. With a 97% payout percentage, the games are calibrated to offer better payouts than regular casinos. Their license is based in Gibraltar, which is a UK territory and the bonus is an excellent $1,400.

Online vs. Offline

I already mentioned that I recommend playing online if you’re considering going professional. There are some key differences between online and offline casinos that you should keep in mind.

  1. Perks Offline casinos usually win hands down for most people. Seeing a magician’s performance for free is great, getting comped a room is even better, and who can say no to free cocktails? This all comes at a price. It raises the casino overhead to astronomical proportions. All those employees and resources have to be paid for somehow. This results in regular casinos odds being highly unfavorable. The casino makes back its money with a steep house edge. This is the opposite in online casinos. Because the overhead costs are minimal the casinos can afford to operate with a much smaller house edge. Take advantage of this edge with the bonus money they offer instead of free drinks by using it to boost your wagers
  2. Convenience You don’t have to leave home to play at an online casino. Also, you don’t have to buy plane tickets or burn gas to get there. All you have to do to play online is turn on your computer. This allows you to play when you’re feeling energized and well rested. Playing at regular casinos can be stressful because you have to do all your gambling in a short stretch of time and you might be working with sleep deprivation, and time pressure. You also don’t have to be courteous to other players when playing online, which means you can consult your betting tables so that your wagers are always correct.
  3. 3. Anonymity No one needs to know you’re playing online. Your earnings remain discreet and you can go about your business as usual. When you play at a regular casino you draw a lot of attention when you win. You might find yourself surrounded by people who want to be a part of the action, have some of your luck rub off on them, or who will try and seduce you in order to get something out of you. If you are with friends, they might try and convince you to spend your earnings on a night out. Whatever the case, if people know you’re a winner, they will try to take a piece of the pie somehow. Playing anonymously is one of the best aspects of playing online. No one needs to know whether you’ve won or lost.