Here are some tips you should keep in mind when selecting an online casino. Remember that they are not all created equal. The list above is an excellent starting point for casinos that I have vetted for you, but there are many more out there. Before making your first deposit anywhere you should:

Know the Rules

Every online casino has terms and conditions you must agree to before you play. We are so used to just clicking the “agree” button that we generally don’t bother reading these. When it comes to online casinos, you should definitely read the whole document. The terms and conditions are often dependent on where you are located. Your country might be listed as one that is not accepted, for example. Or the casino bonus terms might not be acceptable to you. It behooves you to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Look at the Grammar

How the site is written says a lot about who is running it. Pay careful attention to the terms and conditions page. This should be in legalese. It is a legal document that should have been written by a lawyer. If you see poor grammar or colloquial writing, it is a sure sign that a law office had no hand in it. This is a sure fire indicator that the casino is most likely not legitimate. There may be some cases where the case is the opposite of what I just described. The text might be too convoluted, and so complicated that it requires a law degree just to be understood. This is problematic as well. It is an indication that things are not favorable for you and they don’t want you to know about it just by reading. A good rule to keep in mind is that whatever you read should be well written, clear and to the point.

Check Your Local Laws

The casino might not allow you to play based on your location. This is especially true if you reside in the US, where the legal situation is confusing. Some states allow online gambling while others criminalize it. Every state and country has different legal ages for gambling. It is up to you to find out your local laws. Additionally, because of newly enacted laws, many online casinos refuse to work with US based players even if it is legal for them to play. This can also be true of players from Canada, Australia, or Russia. Make sure you’re allowed to play at the casino before you sign up.

Cashing Out

Find out beforehand whether there are limits on how much you will be allowed to cash out at one time. Some online casinos place weekly or monthly limits on how much you can withdraw. This is not illegal, but it is unethical. It is your money and you should be able to cash out whenever you want. The situation becomes a bit more complicated when it comes to cashing out bonus money. This is not, strictly speaking, your money and so it is subject to certain rules before you can cash it out. Make sure you know exactly how the bonuses work before you get into an argument with customer support over your inability to cash out a bonus.

Be Smart

Check the casino license. If you see Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, Netherlands-Antilles, or Antigua & Barbuda, it is an indication that the casino operates under strict licensing standards. There are other countries, however, who issue licenses to online casinos that mean absolutely nothing. If you see a license from Venezuela, Belize, or any Eastern European country, be aware that the casino is running unregulated and the license is worthless. If you have any questions, you should do research before making any deposits. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your money. A virtual gambling provider you can trust is Spin Palace.